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Cell Phone Tracker Voicemail What is considered Mobile Device Spy Software program – What could it Do? Cell Phone Tracking New York Times Phone Tracker Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Tracker In Real Time Track A Phone Location Phone Tracker App Free Download Cell Phone Tracker On Iphone It is really generally software which when attached […]

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Five months on.

Salute my final post here at Cass Fashion – it’s time to say a farewell and hand this blog over to the current fashion students of the Cass. In the spirit of my first post around three months ago, this last one is going to be a little look and reflection on my life, five months after finishing […]

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E1 Inspired print design.

I thought I’d give you a bit of insight to my creative process when creating my signature colourful digital prints. It’s quite simple really – I usually start a project around a theme I’ve been interested in, then take loads of first hand imagery with my trusty little DSLR, and finally start playing around with […]

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Raw of the Ocean

G Star launched an eco imitative ‘ Raw of the Ocean’ last month. The collaboration takes plastic from the worlds oceans and transforms it into denim and apparel. This collection was intriguing, I’ve worked with denim for nearly 3 years now and have never seen anything quite like this, surely plastic denim cant work? I have to admit when I was […]

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Milan Fashion Week – my top 5

I realise these fashion week post titles start to sound like a broken record – sorry! So this post is all about my favourite collections from Milan. Despite of probably having the lowest expectations of Milan shows (not sure why) I was actually surprised to find so many collections I really liked. So here are my picks: DSquared2 […]

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Out with the skinny in with the Strinny

Are We Bored of Skinny Jeans?   The staple of our wardrobes which nobody could of predicted. I honestly don’t think there’s many women out there who don’t own a pair. Personally I can not live without my new Paige Transcend Verdugos their incredible but could this all be about to change?  Perhaps we really […]

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