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The Other Art Fair opens tomorrow and its one of those exhibitions that I always try my best to go along to, as I think they do an amazing job in representing some of the newest and most exciting artists out there! The Other Art Fair as decribed by the Talegraph is ‘the artists alternative to Frieze’ and is a wonderful place to visit to see work from artists that would otherwise be struggling to find a place to showcase their works. Its also located in the Iconic Trumans Buwery at the heart of East London, and is a stone throw away from the London Mentropolitan campuses at Aldagte East so this is a good opurtunity for all you London Met students reading this! Don’t miss out! Also I advise you to, while its on your door step, also catch every single amazing exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery!

Here is a bit about The Other Art Fair taken from their website,

“For anyone with an artistic streak, London is a vibrant hub of creativity, with a profusion of commercial galleries and pop-up spaces as well as a diverse annual program of art fairs. The city is bursting with artists exploring every medium – be it moving image, or sculpture, drawing or photography. With a London audience eager to discover ‘the next big thing’, why is then so difficult for talented artists to gain recognition?

Commercial galleries play a pivotal role in representing and developing artistic talent. The number of artists they support, however, is limited and leaves 99% of practising artists without exclusive representation, the majority of whom are young artists searching for their break.

For these undiscovered artists, The Other Art Fair is a unique platform from which they can independently showcase their work: to gallerists, curators, critics and collectors. Not only about selling artworks, these four days enable artists to launch their work in the contemporary art world, gauge the public’s response to their pieces and meet fellow artists for potential future collaborations. The fair is wide-reaching in its audience, attracting individuals who support artistic practice in other ways: advertising agencies, fashion designers and corporate companies looking to commission pieces.

The Other Art Fair is unique in its approach to supporting artists. In addition to the four days, we support them throughout the year by offering free seminars and workshops, the opportunity to sell online and connecting individuals with companies and associations.

I’m pleased to say that this model thus far has received much success. As a direct result of the fair, many artists are now working with galleries in London, LA and New York. Artists have sold to collectors, first time buyers and art dealers not to mention numerous commissions with advertising and design companies.
As a fair visitor, you have the opportunity to meet, discuss and buy from 100 emerging artists chosen by our esteemed panel of experts. It enables you to discover from the most exciting new talent. By purchasing artwork at the fair, you are directly supporting emerging artistic talent and contributing to the growing opportunities for these undiscovered artists.”

As I said before I have been to a few of thier past shows, and I have seen some really awesome work, met some great artists and have always left totally inspired. I also have the hope that at some point in the near future I will even manage to have my own work shown there! But for now here is a list of some artists that will be exhibiting there that I have seen on thier websites and caught my imagination : )

The Other Art Fair is located at the Old Truman Brewery, 15 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR and is running from tomorrow until the 19th!

Damilola Odusote

Artist Statement

“Damilola Odusote is a Nigerian born artist based in London. Advocating depictive expression as essential to liberating the imagination of the viewer, Damilola’s surrealist sculptures combine everyday objects with abstract techniques to challenge our perception of the everyday. Playing with tone, colour and texture, Damilola’s artworks are a running narrative of his conscious and sub-conscious world, ratifying them as modern day artifacts that ask us to question ‘what was’ and ‘what can be’.”


Materials: Graphic Pen and String on Paper
Year created: 2013
Medium: Drawing
Size (HxWxD): 59 x 84 x 0 cm


The Mind

Materials: Acrylics on 70x interchangeable, card boxes, 10x70x10cm each.
Year created: 2012
Medium: Painting
Size (HxWxD): 59 x 84 x 0 cm


David Edmond

Artist Statement

David Edmond’s work uses classical traditions in formal studies. As conventional works, they are easily recognized within familiar tropes, but the works are undermined through language and its relationship with humour as social and political commentary. He selects and arranges items to convey internalised anxieties and metaphysical narratives. They are often imbued with the comic and whimsical as an antidote to the darker resonances that originate from both his own personal and a wider, contemporary social and political context. He has shown paintings in several group shows in London and several private collectors have bought his paintings.

His painting ‘The Collector’ features in Dr. Michael Petry’s new book ‘Nature Morte’, a comprehensive study of contemporary artists working with still life. It is published by Thames and Hudson in October 2013.

David Edmond established his full time painting practice in 2008. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica and has been based in London since 1979. His training was in design graduating with a BA in Furniture Design from De Montfort University and an MPhil in Printed Textile Design from the Royal College of Art. He has designed Interiors and Clothing ranges, had a clothing manufacturing and retailer business and a printed textile design studio. His garments have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, (“Surrealism in Fashion”, 1987 and “Street Style”, 1994). He has also worked with and sold designs to may of the world’s most influential fashion and home designers including Giorgio Armani, Mark Jacobs Donna Karan, BCBG, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren.”

tower_of_love_-_david_edmond_print_61x45.5The Tower of Love

Materials: Giclee Print
Year created: 2011
Medium: Limited Edition Print
Limited edition of: 25
Size (HxWxD): 61 x 45 x 0 cm

the_collector_-_david_edmond_50.5x40.5_print__0The Collector

Materials: Giclee Print
Year created: 2012
Medium: Limited Edition Print
Size (HxWxD): 60 x 45 x 0 cm

Rachel Ann Stevenson

Artist Statement

My work represents the delicate smoke and mirrors between the conscious and the unconscious mind; distorting the fabricated glare of social order for a vague realism where we allow ourselves to be absorbed into the familiar comfort beyond the gloaming; inviting peace through the jolting madness of a lucid mind, where the dreamer can unveil their fears, dreams and desires; the past and present mixed as one, we roam free unbound by the isolation of society, within our dreams we confess the truth to ourselves. www.

grief_stands_waiting_0Grief Stands Waiting

Materials: Bronze,Taxidermy,Antique glass dome
Year created: 2012
Medium: Sculpture
Size (HxWxD): 58 x 42 x 22 cm


Little Lives Dream



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