The Art of Skateboarding.

Today while hanging out at The Cass stand at 100% Design I did a bit of research to find out what other interesting things were happening as part of the London Design Festival. While exploring some Instagram hashtags I came across an exhibition taking place at Goodhood London as part of the LDF and in conjunction with Long Live Southbank. Called The Art of Skateboarding, Goodhood provided a number of artists with a blank skateboard deck and told them to let thier creative juices flow with only one restriction, that the outcome must be strictly monochrome. You can see some of the work below.

I also found out from the Long Live Southbank website the fantastic news that Southbank has been saved which is awesome,”Following talks that have taken place over the last three months, Long Live Southbank and Southbank Centre are delighted to have reached an agreement that secures the Queen Elizabeth Hall undercroft as the long-term home of British skateboarding and the other urban activities for which it is famous. The agreement has been formalised in a binding planning agreement with Lambeth Council. In the agreement, Southbank Centre agrees to keep the undercroft open for use without charge for skateboarding, BMX riding, street writing and other urban activities.” – See more at:

The Art of Skateboarding

A monochromatic exhibition

“With our roots lying in subcultures, one of which is skateboarding, we pay homage to a culture that spawned a generation of creatives by asking leading artists and designers to contribute to the creation of a series of skateboards.

Guests are welcome to bid on the artworks through a silent bidding process either in store or by filling out the bidding form at the bottom of this page with your details and maximum bid. If you win we will contact you to make payment. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Long Live Southbank Charity.”

All photos below have been taken from the Goodhood website, link above!


Will Sweeney_

Sweeney is a London based artist and illustrator who specializes in comics, T-Shirt graphics, music packaging and animated videos and has collaborated with revered names such as Undercover and Stussy, as well as producing his own ongoing comic, Tales From Greenfuzz, and accompanying vinyl toys.


Ornamental Conifer

Nicolai Sclater is a traditional signwriter offering an original approach to commercial art. Nico’s passion for custom and vintage motorcycles has lead him and his close friends to establish Kingdom of Kicks, a new generation of motorcyclists made up of creatives. Sclater exercises an interplay between art, fashion and traditional biker roots, calling references from local surroundings, traditional navajo prints and nostalgic phrases.


Jiro Bevis

London based Jiro sites inspirations from Japanese anime to Prog rock. His work is wild, bold and references pop culture. He is as at home drawing naked witches as anything more sober and it’s this thematic approach that makes Jiro’s work visually stimulating and always funny.

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