Art Vs Machine

Recently while at 100% Design I met and exhibited alongside two incredible designers who work together under the moniker Lucky Escape. One half of which also a recent London Metropolitan Graduate, told me that they were going to paint a section of the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street. This is certainly a wall that I had heard of before and from what I’d already seen painted there on passing several times and the style of Lucky Escapes work and their level of creativity I was looking forward to seeing the final outcome!

Shoreditch Art Wall hosts Art Against Machine

22nd September 2014 – 4th October 2014

Self-taught artists, graduates, students and professional craftsman have come together to produce a public Street art with a 3D Twist.

Art Vs Machine the Shoreditch Art Wall will feature: Fine Art, Illustration, Recycled Jewellery, light and 3D Design.

Art Against Machine (ARTAM) is an East London collective designed to engage public, industry and artists. We are a not for profit collective of cross disciplinary artists with the core desire to build a sustainable and flexible portfolio that is adaptable across arts industries.

Come and support this free community event. Visit: 17-19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London EC2


Alongside Lucky Escapes ( ) you will find work by illustrator Bea Kovesi ( ), light box art by Dijon Hierlehy (), jewellery design by Yolanda Benitez and poetry by Annameka Porter-Sinclair, curated by Roxanne Reynolds. There are some photographs below for you to enjoy and hopefully you will manage to find some time to take a trip down to Shoreditch and have a look for yourself and as Art Against Machine recommend catch the works light during the night! : ) Enjoy!

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All these images have been used with permission from Art Against Machine, make sure to like thier Facebook page, and give them a follow on Twitter

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