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About Eerika:

I’m a 22 year old emerging fashion print designer and marketer, having just finished my BA degree in Fashion Marketing and Textile Design at The Cass and London Metropolitan Business School. Originally from a tiny town in Finland, I now am an East Londoner, based in buzzing area of Dalston with all the rest of the hipsters.I enjoy colourful prints, roof top bars, travelling, snapping photographs of anything and everything, sunny days, street art and casual clothing – especially the kind that’s ideal for bike rides in the city. Being a passionate cyclist and cycle commuter, I’ve started my own cyclewear concept, Vélorous: a trendy apparel &accessories brand in the making for women that love cycling. My style, both in design and clothing and I guess also in life in general, is breezy and relaxed, my signature digital print designs being full of energy, colour and optimism. I'm inspired by everything that is surrounding me - urban living, interesting people, landscapes, adventures and quirky little details of every day life.


Eerika's posts:


Five months on.

Salute my final post here at Cass Fashion – it’s time to say a farewell and hand this blog over to the current fashion students of the Cass. In the spirit of my first post around three months ago, this last one is going to be a little look and reflection on my life, five months after finishing […]

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E1 Inspired print design.

I thought I’d give you a bit of insight to my creative process when creating my signature colourful digital prints. It’s quite simple really – I usually start a project around a theme I’ve been interested in, then take loads of first hand imagery with my trusty little DSLR, and finally start playing around with […]

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Milan Fashion Week – my top 5

I realise these fashion week post titles start to sound like a broken record – sorry! So this post is all about my favourite collections from Milan. Despite of probably having the lowest expectations of Milan shows (not sure why) I was actually surprised to find so many collections I really liked. So here are my picks: DSquared2 […]

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Sustainable fashion: Elvis & Kresse

As a continuation to my previous ‘sustainable fashion’ blog post, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing brand that produces some gorgeous, environmentally friendly accessories for everyday use: Elvis & Kresse. I’ve been obsessed with this British accessories brand ever since I attended to a Fashion start-up event where the co-founder of the Company Kresse Wesling was […]

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London Fashion Week – my top 5

Here come my favourite collections from the recent London Fashion week! I have to say though that I was maybe a tiny bit more impressed with New York’s designers this year, and many of the London’s “big names” somehow disappointed me. These amazing collections however stood out to me, so without further adieu, here are […]

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Interview: forty8creates

I recently had a chance to interview the designers behind a young creative design acency called Forty8Creates, on their creative process, inspiration sources and being self-employed in a creative field. So if you are a designer interested in starting your own design agency or freelancing, or just wondering how to make it as a designer or how to […]

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