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E1 Inspired print design.

I thought I’d give you a bit of insight to my creative process when creating my signature colourful digital prints. It’s quite simple really – I usually start a project around a theme I’ve been interested in, then take loads of first hand imagery with my trusty little DSLR, and finally start playing around with […]

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Interview: forty8creates

I recently had a chance to interview the designers behind a young creative design acency called Forty8Creates, on their creative process, inspiration sources and being self-employed in a creative field. So if you are a designer interested in starting your own design agency or freelancing, or just wondering how to make it as a designer or how to […]

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Life of a Cass design student

This post is about my personal findings on studying fashion and textiles at The Cass. A bit of background first: I have just recently finished my 3-year joint degree in Fashion Marketing and Textile design, meaning I spent half of my time at design school, half in the business school. Doing a combination degree was a perfect […]

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Two months on

I thought I’d kick off this blog by writing (or more like blabbering) a bit more about me and my current life situation as a uni graduate. As I’ve just finished my joint degree in Fashion Marketing and Textile Design at The Cass and London Metropolitan Business School, I’ve suddenly found myself in a new, exciting yet […]

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