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Five months on.

Salute my final post here at Cass Fashion – it’s time to say a farewell and hand this blog over to the current fashion students of the Cass. In the spirit of my first post around three months ago, this last one is going to be a little look and reflection on my life, five months after finishing […]

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Raw of the Ocean

G Star launched an eco imitative ‘ Raw of the Ocean’ last month. The collaboration takes plastic from the worlds oceans and transforms it into denim and apparel. This collection was intriguing, I’ve worked with denim for nearly 3 years now and have never seen anything quite like this, surely plastic denim cant work? I have to admit when I was […]

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Out with the skinny in with the Strinny

Are We Bored of Skinny Jeans?   The staple of our wardrobes which nobody could of predicted. I honestly don’t think there’s many women out there who don’t own a pair. Personally I can not live without my new Paige Transcend Verdugos their incredible but could this all be about to change?  Perhaps we really […]

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The writing on the wall – Charting Londons Early Graffiti Scene

I recently came across an article on Vice entitled ‘London’s Original Graffiti Artists Were Poets and Political Revolutionaries‘, I have a strong interest in graffiti and street art and really enjoy looking into its history and exploring and learning more about what graffiti used to be, and understanding how street art and graffiti as we […]

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Art Vs Machine

Recently while at 100% Design I met and exhibited alongside two incredible designers who work together under the moniker Lucky Escape. One half of which also a recent London Metropolitan Graduate, told me that they were going to paint a section of the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street. This is certainly a wall […]

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