Dephect is a product of the lifestyle.

As part of my final year dissertation I completed a bit of research on one of my favorite London based brands Dephect. Dephect is an awesome brand, with some really interesting designs and they provide a number of artists and designers with a really good platform to show off their skills and showcase it on some great quality apparel. I decided to post about this brand at this time, as during the hustle and bustle of fashion week we need to remember the smaller brands!! Here is a bit about the brand below taken from their website, and some information about some of the amazing artists they support. :) Have a read, appreciate, head over their site and show some support!

“Founded by friends from London in 1999, Dephect is a product of the lifestyle and culture that has inspired us from a young age. Growing up as skaters and listening to Hip Hop in the 90’s paved our way for a love of underground art, music and sport, and a passion for drawing, painting and graphic design. While remaining under the radar of the masses, Dephect is now an international brand in its own right, progressing via collaborations with unknown and established artists alike.”

about us


“The crew section is dedicated to the people that are connected to Dephect, from international artists and DJ’s to underground beat makers and up and coming skaters. They are a combination of friends and people that we respect and have come to know over the years, and above all they are passionate about what they do. Take a look at their profile pages for a sneak peak at their skills and an insight into some of the inspiration behind Dephect.”

Paul Kemp

“Paul Kemp (aka Keshone) co-founded Dephect back in 1999.

I first got into graffiti at school when I was 14. There was a group of guys in the year above me that were really into the scene at the time, I think that’s what fuelled my ambition to go out and try it myself, and since then I’ve been hooked. Through graffiti I started to explore new mediums and that’s how I got into graphic design and illustration.

I love playing around with different concepts; like merging nature with technology and robots with instruments. I’m always drawing and trying to develop new ideas along these lines, but I get inspired by most things in my day to day life, taking in my surroundings, buildings, people, lighting, different textures and plants etc.”

I also recommend that you head over to the Dephect YouTube page, and watch a few of thier videos,


escape_heather big_smoke_heather

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