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Thought I should give you a little more insight into some of my latest collection which was produced for my final major at Cass.

I was lucky enough to be part of “Think Personal Make Public” studio which was honestly in my eyes the best studio available, the tutors Heidi, Mah and Claire were incredible, without there knowledge and support I don’t honestly believe I would be able to stand tall and say I had graduated!

So briefly my studio philosophy;

Human beings are wired for social and senosry connection and when we do so, our lives are more meaningful, engaged, productive and joyful. Craft practice embraces this primal need to connect, with palce, with material, with self and with others. This studio will work through the disciplines of textiles and jewellery to explore the maker’s capacity for making and facilitating human connection through individual practice and through cooperation, collaboration and collective participation.

As designers, we work to adapt, interpret and invent, to be a part of culture and propose new forms of experience. In an increasingly ‘context aware’ world, movements, such as the Slow Movement, Craftivism, Indie or DIY Craft, Raw Craft and the New Domesticity are reflecting changing values and offer alternative ways of (and platforms for) sharing. The output of today’s most dynamic craft collectives (60I40, Manifold, Intelligent Trouble) are constructing alternative environments for craft to be made, shown and debated. A new field of experimental craft is taking shape.

This studio seeks to enhance your potential to develop resilient and sustainable future craft practice, as an independent or in the world of employment, placing human life, experience and materiality at the centre of the design process, seeking out new modes of practice.

In a world where we are surrounded by automated, soul-less artefacts, you will find ways of engaging the public with craft interventions, performances and installation.  In the spirit of the SLOW movement, the studio will work locally, exploring the Genius Loci, East London ‘the depth and intensity of which, is the stuff of dreams’.

Source: Philosophy

So I took it upon my self to go visit the Natural History Museum as part of my research for my final major project, I’ve always had an obsession with control and cant deal with mess or things not being perfect so after spending three trips to the museum taking photographs and sketching I collated the imagery and photographs to create a set of three print stories.


My main focus was the insects in the Darwin centre, especially the beetles. Their range of intricate colour, pattern and structures fascinated me.


The first was inspired by creating something not as it seems therefore through the use of images gathered I was able to manipulate the images into kaleidoscopic images, therefore being undetectable as beetles.

Print 2 Purple 1x

I wanted to push my personal boundaries after being told my work was safe and  “nice” (the one word no designer wants to hear) so after a few drinks with the ladies after class one Friday, I went home and decided that there was no time like the present and started scribbling, allowing my self to have no control on what I was about to produce.

Web of Dreams

This was a print I created after researching Spiders on Drugs and how their behaviours change when in contact with different substances, now although my control wasn’t being taken over by substances it made me think about how I would react if I was taken out of my comfort zone.

spider and bug0001

Image: Web of Dreams


To Be Continued……….





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