Sustainable fashion: Elvis & Kresse

As a continuation to my previous ‘sustainable fashion’ blog post, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing brand that produces some gorgeous, environmentally friendly accessories for everyday use: Elvis & Kresse. I’ve been obsessed with this British accessories brand ever since I attended to a Fashion start-up event where the co-founder of the Company Kresse Wesling was one of the speakers.

So, what’s special about Elvis  & Kresse? All the company’s products are made out of reclaimed fire-hoses, that have been in fire brigade’s use up to 25 years, fighting fires and saving lives. After all those years in service the hoses retire and end up in landfill, although they could indeed be used for another purpose after their initial life! So all the material in the Elvis & Kresse accessories is recycled, inside and out, and needless to say very durable and waterproof as it’s firehose we are talking about. The collection so far includes different accessories such as belts, bags, wallets and wash bags etc, all made out of fire hose. Thus Elvis & Kresse doesn’t only minimise their ecological footprint but also helps to get rid of tons of landfill. On top of that, the Company also donates mighty 50% of its profits to different charities. Now that’s a lot of good karma.

And the amazing thing is, the products aren’t just practical but also very beautiful – or what do you think?


Product images:

Especially considering how ecological the brand is, it isn’t badly priced either – for example 40 pounds for a belt that will most likely last a lifetime, £50 for an awesome yet durable wash bag or £260 for a beautiful and sturdy tote bag. I think these items are amazing value! I own the brand’s medium washbag, and I’m absolutely in love with it – it’s so pretty, special and very roomy, and I just love the story behind it.



What do you guys say – any lovers of fire-hose fashion out there? Also, if you are interested in cool independent brands like this and ethical fashion that you can actually afford, stay tuned! I’ve got an interview coming up next week, introducing a brand new ethical fashion marketplace to you guys…

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