Five months on.

Salute my final post here at Cass Fashion – it’s time to say a farewell and hand this blog over to the current fashion students of the Cass. In the spirit of my first post around three months ago, this last one is going to be a little look and reflection on my life, five months after finishing university.

So, as you guys would already know after reading my intro, I actually ended up holding loads of different jobs this summer: I did marketing interning, worked in retail at a fast fashion store and as a coordinator at Accelerator business incubator,  as well as blogged here at Cass Fashion. I can say I’ve kept pretty busy ever since July! Now the summer’s gone, and I am happy to say I’ll be moving on from working in retail – I’ve started working with the amazing Elvis&Kresse, brand I’ve been admiring ever since I heard about them. I’ve also decided to start working on my own little business again and I hope to launch the very first mini-collection for Vélorous cyclewear for SS15. Which is all really exciting – I guess this after-uni life isn’t turning too bad after all! I now realise the key for getting interesting work isn’t necessarily sending out loads of job applications (you barely hear back from anyone anyway) but to start unshamelessly from the bottom, network as much as possible and make most of every (little) opportunity you get. Working hard in small projects can open doors to bigger ones – that’s my best tip anyway!

eerikabike2-pola (2)-tile

To sum up, life ‘five months on’ is pretty freaking great. It isn’t perfect nor easy, but I’ve slowly started making my way towards where I want to be (yet I’m in no rush to get anywhere just yet!). Life is exciting, challenging and rewarding in many new ways – for example, making my own living without student grants and loans is pretty great. Despite of still hanging onto my student card in a hope of little discount here and there, I have to say I love being a grownup. But this doesn’t mean every choice I make is career-wise or that I have stopped feeling young and adventurous. Not even close!

That’s all from me for now! I’ve definitely loved being an “uncut” contributor, and I hope you have enjoyed my posts too. If you haven’t had enough of me yet, or if you are interested in my upcoming cyclewear range, keep following me on twitter @velorous. And if you love Cass Fashion, no worries! Soon this blog will keep going with a whole new team of contributors, so make sure to stay tuned.


Over and out!

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