Interview: forty8creates

I recently had a chance to interview the designers behind a young creative design acency called Forty8Creates, on their creative process, inspiration sources and being self-employed in a creative field. So if you are a designer interested in starting your own design agency or freelancing, or just wondering how to make it as a designer or how to get over a creative block, then keep reading!

Hi Forty8Creates! Who are you and what do you do?

We are Forty8Creates, a creative branding agency based in Hoxton. We provide creative design services for small and medium businesses and startups. As a new and growing business we realise the necessity of brand identity to stand out from the crowd in any industry. Small businesses have a lot to think about when starting their empire, we would like to help take the load off by offering a visual identity that makes them stand out and gives their brand a personality that consumers can connect with. Forty8Creates provides customers design services such as website, logo, business stationary, visual arts and illustrations tailored to their unique brand personalities.

Tell me about your creative process. Where do you find your inspiration?

At Forty8Creates, we are a team of people who have background in illustration, design and branding industries.We get our inspiration from the world around us, we grow as it changes & we develop as it does. As visual people we love to look for inspiration in places like Pinterest & Behance. In between working hard for our clients we like to keep up with the industry trends & evolve our designs as it changes. We work one to one with each and every client, understanding their vision for their brand; where they would like to be and the values that are at the core of their business. We then take all this information and visualise their brand reflecting their values to bring them an identity that people can connect with. Unlike many other agencies, we are not rushed trying to complete every job as quickly as possible. We value every customer and build a relationship with them, taking the necessary time to work together to bring their brand image to perfection.


What do you do to get over a creative block?

Creative block is the nemesis of the design world, just as writers block is to authors. Personally I find the best way to over come this is to get away from your screen, take half hour away & relax. Getting a cup of tea always helps and doodling.

Do you have any tips for young creatives/ designers that are wanting to start a creative career?

To all creative and design students or graduates, if you are planning to start you own design agency you will have to learn a lot more that what you have learnt in the university. You have the potential and design skills, but you will need to study the design industry, understand its trends and also study the basic of running and operating a business. UK is a great place for startup businesses as the economy has started to recover. Many businesses are looking out for new and innovative concepts in design industry. The three things you will need to ask yourself before you go on that path are: Are you ready to struggle? Are you passionate about your business concept? Are you ready to integrate and learn?

What are the pros and cons of being self-employed/freelancer in a creative field?

Being self employed in the creative field is naturally much harder than being employed. Obviously we don’t have a “boss” nor do we have to do briefs that we don’t want to. So I guess that’s a bonus. However, It’s often quite difficult to become trusted and respected when the market is already over saturated with pure talent. I guess the pros and cons balance – on one hand you can be as creative as you wish, but on the other, pay checks aren’t as frequent. But hey, if you wanted to make money fast, you should have become a banker!

To finish up, here’s a cool video of an illustration process:

Video & picture credits: Forty8Creates.

Thank you guys for the interview – I for one am truly inspired and feeling ready to tackle those creative blocks!

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