Going Out On A Lim



After 14 seasons of runway collaboration,  NARS a cosmetics line and Phillip Lim an American designer have collaborated on a “well-edited” nail wardrobe. Featuring nine nail polishes, the line represents “the essential 3.1 Phillip Lim colours.” including deep jewel tones and neutrals in glossy long lasting formulas.

“These are my colours. The colours that constantly inspire me, they are constantly threaded in everything I do. Every single shade or colour has appeared in the collections for the whole history of the company. They are my go-to colours,”


“I call them colours that exist in the shadows because in the daylight you see one colour and at night you see something different; it also depends on what you wear,” adds Lim. “They are very transitional, very adaptable. I like colours that you can actually discover.”

Now your manicure will  match your outfit , two power houses joining forces to create a sensational collection.

The collaboration is available online http://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/new-essential-latest-collections/phillip-lim-collection.html


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