Graffiti traveller.

My love to a good street art and graffiti isn’t a surprise to anyone anymore, so shouldn’t be the fact that whenever I travel I try to always find some local street art to look at and photograph. Here are my top European cities (apart from London, that is naturally my number one, now and probably always) for urban art and inspiring streets – not in an order as they are all very different in character, yet all so great!

1. Paris


Paris is a city of bizarre little wonders when it comes to street art! Take a side street that isn’t too obvious and you will most likely stumble across some wicked stencil art or quirky stick-on imagery. For some Paris is about romance, but for me it’s the back streets. You never know what you find.


2. Lisbon


Although the amazing azulejo-tileworks are the definite highlight of the Lisbon streets, the city is actually not a bad place for urban art lovers either. The better spots are outside the city centre but even in the city you can find massive several meter-long pieces, like the above one on a derelict building.


3. Belfast


Belfast has some sick – yet quite understandably pretty political – street art, nevertheless really interesting. The vibes are definitely a bit on the gloomy side i’d say, given the city’s history, and the art you see on the streets really adds to that. It’s a fascinating city for graffiti freaks like me!


4. Dublin


Dublin is another amazing city for spotting street art! I especially love the area around the famous pub called The Bernard Shaw (the above image, my favourite place in Dublin), and then there are graffiti heavens like Tivoli car park that are full of awesome work. Just ask the security and they will happily let you look around!


5. Athens


Athens is a groovy city with some surprising East-London vibes (well, in my opinion anyway). Apart from ugly tags, you can see a lot of great street art dotted around; the above piece was spotted around Psiri which is a great area for checking out some urban art in Athens style.

So, fellow graffiti-lovers, where are your favourite street art spots? Can anywhere beat East-London? I’ve heard great things about Berlin, which is a city I’m dying to explore next… but until then we have this city of ours which is pretty damn great too.

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