Sustainable fashion: My Green Bag

Although I shop very rarely these days, when I do, it’s usually at affordable chain stores – hence my shopping habits don’t exactly scream “green values” or “sustainable”. However I’ve recently started feeling a bit more conscious about my fashion consumption and I’ve tried to pay more attention to ethics and sustainability when it comes to fashion. We all know there is a lot of crap going on in the fashion business, from child labour to environmental disasters, however any of it doesn’t seem to be making much difference to our buying behaviour – although it definitely should! Luckily, there are now some pretty cool and also reasonably priced brands that offer sustainably produced fashion, which is great for those of us wishing to shift to a more ethical way of consumption! So, I thought I’d do a series of posts introducing some  awesome yet ethical brands I’ve been liking: starting from My Green Bag, that I recently “modelled” for. I definitely am not a model of any sort, but stepping out of my comfort zone was actually quite refreshing!

My Green Bag is a Shoreditch-based brand bringing us some hip vintage style backpacks, handbags & satchels. What’s great about them is that on top of looking cool, the bags are lovingly hand-made out of the highest quality organic materials and leathers and thus are an environmentally friendly option for bags you see at fast fashion stores! Here’s some pictures of our photoshoot:


I got to style my outfits for the shoot and cheekily paired this hip brown leather backpack with one of my own t-shirt designs. It’s quite unreal seeing my own print design at Asos, even if it isn’t for sale…


Please excuse my awkward poses, haha! This tan handbag is available here.


And this cute little packback is perfect for autumn! You can get it here. Check out all the bags here.

Stay tuned for more amazing brands!

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