ME London

ME London

“Our principle objective is to produce exceptional garments using quality fabrics, where the design and fit takes prominence over seasonal trends and fads. Traditional fabrics and classic menswear styling are reworked and tweaked to fit a simple design aesthetic, achieving easy to wear menswear items“
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Introducing the men behind the incredible new menswear brand;

Matthew Nehemiah Johnson attended London College of Fashion from 2005 – 2009, where he studied Handcraft Tailoring, Fashion Menswear and Design Technology. After graduating in 2009 he went to work for a variety of companies gaining considerable knowledge and experience ranging from tailoring, teaching, design and consulting.

Elvis Ellis love for Fine art, design and street art culture lead him to his chosen field of fashion design. He found this to be the best medium to channel his creativity. Elvis later went onto study Fashion design at Bath University. Since graduating has worked within the fashion industry as both a designer and design consultant. This has led to positions in London, Berlin and LA.

Matthew and Elvis met while working on a special tailoring project for G-Star Raw. At the time Matt and Elvis had both become dissatisfied, with working to achieve other peoples preconceptions of what a menswear brand should be. These frustrations later led, to them creating their own label ME.

 Q&A with Matthew

When did you start Designing?

I Started designing in 2003 but didn’t get serious till the following year when I started a night course, one day a week in Tower Hamlets. This lead to furthering my studies at London College of Fashion from 2005-2009.

What made you choose Menswear?

Menswear was just an easier option for me being a man myself. I have an all round better understanding of menswear. We have offered a bespoke option on some of the menswear pieces for close friends who happen to be women. But its not something we our looking delve into anytime soon.

What is your inspiration for  this collection?

There wasn’t a direct inspiration for this collection. We always look at vintage menswear and ref them. My favourite piece would have to be the ME jumper. It’s a bit of a statement and playful at the same time.





How did you find starting your own brand ME? 

Starting any business is hard. But the world of Fashion takes no prisoners. That’s something I’ve learnt for working in the industry for a while. You need to watch ever penny but at the same time not compromise on quality. There are so many pit falls in the fashion game. Help wise we have just been pulling loads of favours from close friends who believe in what we are trying to build.

How would you describe your target consumer?

Our target customer has an age demographic that ranges from 25 – 40. They are design focused, educated at university level and has an income from 25k – 60k. He is London based but travels frequently. Through life experience they have developed a personal sense of style. Key details and craftsmanship is more important to them, than buying into lifestyle-marketed products.

What’s your dream for the brand in the next 5years?

Well the 5 year plan is to have the brand at the level were we can actually afford to pay are self a wage. Also for us to a strong international presence in Europe and the US



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