New York Fashion Week – my top 5

I have to be honest, I wasn’t going to post about any of the fashion weeks, because let’s be honest, I’m not a fashion week kinda girl. Let’s just start by saying that I’ve never been that excited about fashion week – which is a weird thing to hear from a fashion graduate, i know! Of course I’d love to go see a show or two if i had a chance to go, but it’s never been a big ambition for me to be sitting on the frow. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I’m nowadays more into style that lasts a bit – or a lot – longer than a season. Style that has a meaning to a person, something that reflects them and contributes to them. That said I still keep up with what’s shown on the catwalks, take a note on a few favourite designers and key pieces of the season. So I thought I’d show your my top collections from New York, London and eventually perhaps Milan and Paris fashion weeks too. These are obviously collections that have caught my eye and appealed to me personally, so whether you love them or hate them is completely up to your taste!

First up, here are my SS15 favourites from the recent New York fashion week (in a random order as choosing the best is impossible):

Adam Selman

Surprise surprise, I’m drawn to the designers that master sport luxe… This effortlessly chic collection is basically just up my street! I especially love the garment shapes, slight 90’s vibes in some outfits and the overall simplicity. Also the sunnies and the models’ hair and make-up look great.



Custo Barcelona

I absolutely love these ethnic-style patterns and prints in the Custo Barcelona’s SS15 collection! Amazing combination of textures, cut-out details and colour – this collection is also proof that mixing several different patterns in one outfit is still cool. A definite highlight for me from New York fashion week.




Donna Karan’s SS15 work has some interesting modern tribal vibes. This funky collection rocks bold patterns, bomber jackets, youthfull stripes and peplums paired with knitted tube skirts, which looks pretty sick if you ask me. I also love how they’ve paired the outfits with chunky sneakers!




Cool flowy trousers, monochrome, fringes and different shades of denim blue. ICB is a brand that’s been relatively unknown for me to date yet this collection definitely got me interested. The see-through panels, mix of different fabrics and the overall relaxed yet cool vibe draws me in.




And yet more monochrome looks – which I’m usually not the biggest fan of – but in my opinion Milly completely nailed this collection! Chic sports luxe vibes, sheer fabrics, bare midriffs, hip sunnies, amazing casual coats and bomber jackets, pop’s of royal blue and pink and a bit of pattern, too. This sort of style is nothing revolutionaly or new but something I have liked, and will like, for a long time. Just beautiful.


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Tune in for more catwalk favourites later on! Next up: London.

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