Plain Jane to Superhero

Though I’d post something which is a bit different but I feel its appropriate as Halloween is at the end of the month!

Musicals are my guilty pleasure. The atmosphere, music and costumes are just incredible. From Cats to Wizards, Costume designers are able to really push the boundaries and come up with some garments crazier than Lady Gaga! A costume designer is able to go between magic and camouflage, creating illusions of change.

Below are my top 10 musicals with mind blowing costumes, I think what I love most about musicals is you walk in to the theatre as yourself and throughout the performance you are sucked into a different world.

1. Cats


2. Wicked



3. Lion King


PicMonkey Collagegjkgbjg


4. Thoroughly Modern Millie


5. Grease


6. Priscilla Queen of the Desert


7. We Will Rock You


8. Les Miserables


9. Top Hat


10. Chicago


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