Out with the skinny in with the Strinny

Are We Bored of Skinny Jeans?


The staple of our wardrobes which nobody could of predicted. I honestly don’t think there’s many women out there who don’t own a pair. Personally I can not live without my new Paige Transcend Verdugos their incredible but could this all be about to change?  Perhaps we really are bored of the skinny jean, understandable they have become a basic denim that everyone needs but all we want as women is to feel incredible when we put them on and our bums to look amazing! PicMonkey CollageSo its out with the old in with the new, its time to introduce a new cut to take over your wardrobe, say hello to the Strinny Jean also known as the straight leg skinny.

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Dressed with a jacket and heels the relaxed, part tailored strinny jean is the new option for your go to jean for the evening and weekend wardrobe. As it seems the skinny jean is falling out of favour, putting the strinny on the pedestal.

I recommend brands such as Paige and Hudson and for the more affordable price points, high street shops such as Zara and French Connection for some high fashion options.  Come on Ladies whatever you do this month you need to invest in a strinny!



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