Take a walk on the east side.

This blog post is all about my favourite spots in East London! These aren’t exactly secrets, as most of these places are well loved by many east Londoners, but I guess there is always a good reason for a place to be popular, right? So here are my favourites in each category:

Favourite coffee shop – Vintage Emporium

Our all time favourite – the best coffee shop in the whole wide world! Located just off Brick Lane, on Bacon street. Super cozy atmosphere, amazing drinks (huge cups!), yummy homemade cakes and an authentic vintage shop downstairs selling only proper stuff! The clothing isn’t my thing (although fun to browse through occasionally!) but the coffee shop is just pure love. So many uni lunch breaks spent here!

jlk5 (2)

Favourite art gallery – Stolen Space

I don’t end up going half as often as I’d like to, but Stolen Space (on Brick Lane as well) always has great exhibitions that are often just up my street! It’s close to the Cass campus too, so it’s ideal for popping in even during a lunch break.


Favourite rooftop bar – Dalston Rooftop Park

This is such a chilled out place to spend a sunny afternoon or have a glass of wine in the evening. The place has cool views and very special and cute toilets – you’ll see what I mean if you visit there! Another rooftop bar I really like is the Netil 360 near London Fields, that has such amazing views…


avourite second hand shop – Blitz

To be honest, I haven’t gone second hand shopping on Brick Lane for ages! However the street has loads of second hand shops, most of which are pretty good but also can be quite pricy. I’d say my favourite is Blitz as it’s so massive, and they give you student discount, too.


Favourite park – All of them!

I love most London parks – what’s not to like? But my favourite ones are definitely in East London. I love Victoria Park, and the small London Fields – the hipster park. The later one (pictured) has got a great relaxed atmosphere, barbeque area, and there’s also a Lido and some nice bars nearby.

he7 (2)

Favourite street food event – Street Feast

Street feast is a street food festival that keeps changing location every so often – it’s been in Haggerston, Dalston, Cambridge Heath, and back in Dalston again. You can catch tens of different food joints in one buzzy event, try out different dishes and have a drink, of course.


Favourite market – Broadway Market

Broadway Market is so lively, full of trendy people, great food and you can pretty much fill your belly just by testing all the little nibbles the vendors give out! Great place to stroll around with a cold cider in hand and just enjoy the vibe. Out of smaller markets my favourites are Netil Market and Village Green Market.

bm11 (2)

Gotta love East London! Any fellow Londoners, feel free to share your favourites in the comments section down below.

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