Watch Out The Freaks Are Out

London Fashion Week is an opportunity to showcase British Fashion on a global stage. Personally I enjoy watching all the fashionista’s wonder round central London wearing there Sunday best. Working in a department store I get to see the hustle and bustle of fashion week with industry people, models, designers all gracing the shop floor.  (I saw Rick Owens causally stroll through ladies denim with a entourage all dressed in black like dark angels)

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I cant help but love this mermaid sparkle infused collection, not saying I would wear any of it personally but the playful colours and texture really caught my eye. Even the overall look of the models was over the top and unusual.  This collection is defiantly one to turn heads when you walk into the room for all the right reasons the sequin embellishment used on sportswear garment shapes complement each other. I love a good sparkle so the more sequins the better!   PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4


I’m in love with this collection. the sensational colour palette of rose red, blue, camel and white in sharp silhouettes reflecting 1920’s elegance.

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Shown in Milan Fashion Week this effortless range of comfortable yet pretty garments was influenced by a dancer in rehearsals.  “I was looking at the way women work out and thought about a different way to work your abs – work on the barre,” said Maier (Souce  A relaxed collection with warm knits, leotards, dresses with cinched waists, pleated fronts which infused ease and elegance. The colour palette consisted of comfortable colours like oatmeal, baby blue, charcoal grey and beige.

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