Welcome to the Real World.

” You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt Disney

After three long years of blood, sweat and tears, once you’ve handed your final pieces of work in  it feels as though a weight the size of an elephant has been lifted off your shoulders, However it wasn’t until my name was called and I walked across the stage at the graduation ceremony that reality really sunk in. no longer did I have classes to attend every day, sleepless nights over hand ins, Lunch meetings with my friends, I may have graduated but now it is time to start a new chapter in the big bad world of full time employment….. Help!

Graduation 2014 (That’s me on the left trying to act all regal with like the queen hahaa!)

Little Bit About Me!

I’m 21 years old and have just finished a joint BA Honours in Fashion Marketing and Textiles Design at The Cass and London Metropolitan Business School. Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, moving to London three years ago was the beginning of my whirlwind adventure.  So I moved to London after working in Zante for the summer and being honest at first I hated it. I honestly couldn’t understand why anyone would want to move to a city which to me (being from a seaside town) resembled a close confined prison, nowhere to escape and defiantly nowhere to hide. However although I miss fish and chips by the sea and hearing “whey aye man” frequently I think I’m beginning to enjoy London more and more as the time goes on… I’m obsessed with England’s Landmarks/buildings especially the Gherkin and so many other beautiful architecture all over London. Just by strolling along the River Thames on a summer evening your able to divulge into the sites and diverse cultures. I used a lot off inspiration my wanderings to create my final collection of textile prints which combined London’s landmarks with insects…. specifically beetles!

London’s Crawling

Below are some illustrations I used to create print designs for silk men’s tailoring as well as interior products such as wallpaper for my final major project.

My Final major project was a collection of three print stories: Kaleidoscopic,   Its a bugs life and London’s Crawling each story combined every day imagery but intentionally messed with your eyes, making the on looker want to look closely as things weren’t as they seemed! The Illustrations below are a combination of my favourite beetles with landmarks of London which have a meaning to me for instance, the Gherkin due to it being my favourite building in London, then you have St. Pauls Cathedral were I went Mudlarking along the Thames Shore with my textiles studio.


Working Life

I have worked for Selfridges throughout university for a Premium ladies denim brand called Paige. I truly love my job and am lucky enough to have travelled to LA to see the headquarters as well as the CEO of the company Paige Adams Geller, I started off as an intern at Indigofera helping the sales manager with sales and distribution, and making everyone cups of tea. But hey you’ve got to start somewhere right? I battled through over a year interning and then became a member of the “Worlds Best” department store and for my first ever retail job to be in such a prestigious store I cant fib I was overwhelmed when I received the call to say they actually had hired me! Since starting within the company on Paige the brand has grown and developed greatly from having a minimum amount of space on the shop floor to recently opening the largest retail in store boutique in Europe and I can explain how proud I am to be a part of the ever growing success.

I really haven’t figured out exactly where or what I want to be/do in life but I suppose I have the rest of my life to figure that big question out, ill just keep dreaming high until I reach the stars!


Stay Tuned Ladies and Gentlemen!


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